Nairobi National Park


Nairobi is a top tour destination itself and thus makes it easier to make time for a day out for you to relax and enjoy wildlife viewing. In this safari tour you shall visit the Giraffe Center, Animal Orphanage and Nairobi National Park. Nonetheless, through the help of a safari guide, you’ll get handy information about the wildlife and the individual safari destinations. 

Having been picked up from your hotel, we will proceed to the Giraffe center, a non-profit organization focused to protect endangered giraffes and earn more through well trained staff members.

Thereafter head to the animal orphanage to see orphaned baby elephants that were rescued. Moreover the guides will let you know how they are raised before being reintroduced back to the wilderness.

Afterwards take a lunch break (own expense) then go to Nairobi National Park for a game drive where you’ll be able to spot the big five and through the help of a guide, you’ll know more about game drives, wildlife and beautiful landscapes around.

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