Amboseli National Park


The giants here are the great herds of elephants. Hundreds of them.

Protected from poachers, they carry their massive tusks with pride as they gather at predictable watering holes, delighting the many who come to Amboseli National Park to view these noble creatures.

Amboseli is known as the best place in Africa for getting up close to free-ranging elephants. You’ll hardly fail to see a roaming elephant around due to the large population of elephants in the park! It’s just one of many reasons the park is the second most popular in Kenya after Masai Mara.

Amboseli is also a photographer’s paradise. Those wonderful photos you’ve seen of elephants seemingly posing in front of snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro? They were taken here.

Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world, towers over the park like a stately and photogenic sentinel. And when the clouds burn off at dusk or dawn, you’ll be treated to visions of its snowy peak.

And not just Elephants, Amboseli National Park hosts a number of other wildlife such as wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, gazelle and of course, cheetahs and lions which is such an amazing experience to sight them in a typical safari here. Other wildlife to also look up for once here are; hyenas, foxes, jackals, vervet monkey and the yellow baboon abound.

This park is also a host to a vast number of birdlife that their sightings are very likely in a typical game drive here. Such include; pelicans, kingfishers, crakes, egrets and the Madagascar heron and raptors, 47 types have been spotted including falcon and the harrier eagle.

The sky and horizon are vast here encompassing Amboseli’s 5 wildlife environments which ensure great numbers and diversity: wetlands, savannah, woodlands, thorn-bush and the dry lakebed of Lake Amboseli.

Another amazing experience in a visit to Amboseli is the immediately warm and welcoming community around whom you can visit for a firsthand authentic african culture. 


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